Our Architectural films are designed for commercial
and residential applications where damaging
ultraviolet light, heat and glare are problems,
or energy efficiency is important.
The Energy Saving Film reduces excessive solar heat
by up to 84%, improves insulation properties, reduces
energy use and filter harmful ultraviolet rays by 99%
Our window films will not only enhance privacy
in your home or office but also cover your windows
with beautiful designs still allowing natural light
into your spaces.



Decorative Window Film offers a wide variety of patterns,
colours and distinctive designs to transform any commercial
or residential space.
Our durable decorative films can provide a custom look
without the expense of glass replacement and can easily
be updated when your tastes change.
From dots, stripes and solid frost, these decorative window film
can mask light, add privacy or give a spark of colour to any space.
For a flexible design element with high impact, use
coloured decorative films to enhance ambience or
create definition within a larger space.
Our window films are stylish and is a cost-effective
alternative to traditional sand blasting.



Companies are facing high electricity bills due
to the high usage of air conditioners to keep
the working environment comfortable. An
alternative is to use a solor control film that
can reduce the temperatures by 8 degrees
Celcius. It will still maintain visible daylight
levels and reduce energy costs.



Our safety and security film will slow down an
intruder because the film retains the glass if
broken so it does not shatter. Flying glass can
cause death, so in the event of an explosion
these films will offer protection by upgrading
the glass so that it breaks’ safely.

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