Architectural films

Our range of Architectural Window Films are designed for commercial and residential use where damaging ultraviolet light, heat, and glare are problems, or where energy efficiency is important.

With top brands such as Lamin8 and Ilumar supplying us with quality window film, we are confident in our products’ ability to help you save on your energy bills. Our home window films can reduce excessive solar heat by up to 84%, improve insulation, reduce energy use and filter harmful ultraviolet rays by 99%.

Whether for your home or your office, Gauteng Glass and Tint window films will not only contribute to your privacy, but will also offer you an awesome opportunity to experience the beauty of window art, all the while allowing natural light to wash over your spaces. Our products come in a range of different window tints, giving you every option that you need to choose a film that best suits your space.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Films come with a wide variety of window art that includes several patterns, colours, and distinctive designs to transform any commercial or residential space. Our durable decorative window films can provide a custom look without the expense of glass replacement and can easily be updated when your tastes change.

From dots and stripes to tinted windows and solid frosted glass, our decorative glass art designs can mask light, enhance privacy, and give your space a spark of creativity. Besides window art, we also offer cool and frosted glass options to give your windows a functional and aesthetic dynamic.

For a flexible design element with high impact, you can rely on our decorative films and window tinting options to enhance ambience or create distinctive definition within small and large spaces.

Our films are stylish and are cost-effective alternatives to traditional sandblasting designs; and the best part? Our prices are really competitive, allowing you to invest in window art that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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Solor Control films

Companies are facing high electricity bills due to the high usage of air conditioners to keep the working environments comfortable. An alternative is to use a solar control film that can reduce the temperatures by up to 8 degrees Celsius. It will still maintain visible daylight levels and reduce energy expenses.

At Gauteng Glass and tint, you get more with your solar control window films. Whether you’d like to opt for sleek frosted glass, or for more basic prints on your glass to give your space an artsy feel, we’ve got you covered. When you can get a window tinting and glass art solution that is both functional and stunning to the eye, why not reach for it with both hands?

safety and security film

Looking for window tinting in Johannesburg that offers an added dynamic of safety to your home or office building? Look no further!  Our safety and security films will slow down intruders with their sturdy shatterproof qualities, giving you enough time to call out for help.

In other cases, flying glass can be fatal. In the event of an explosion, our security window films will offer protection by adding a layer of safety to the glass that prevents shattering, thus avoiding glass shards flying all over the place.

Besides all the safety benefits our security films offer, you also have the option of getting a decorative security window film of your choice, allowing you to bring your windows to life with stunning glass art, all the while retaining the safety features of the film.

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